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Picked this "03 up strictly to part it out as there is no motor casing ans frame are out but all of whats left is fair game.

The only plastics that are left is the under tail and nose...the rest plus the seats are gone. The rear sets, clip-on's, rear master and clutch perch/lever are gone as well. The sub-frame and gauge/headlight support are missing but most other goodies are available.

Fired up the electrical to find the the motor had 5873 miles but it had been sitting outside for a number of years:

Gauge Cluster - $75

Radiator - $30

Electrical Switches - $20 Each

Front end parts - top tree available -What you need?

The black oil is from the motor drain.

Rim, Swinger, Shock, Linkage

Throttle Bodies - $40

Rear Caliper - $15

Stock Tail Light - $10

Tank - $50 smells of kerosene , have not opened completely

Also have the headlight but it looks like the removal of the projectors was started but not completed - make offer.

Ask on cables, harnesses, motor internals, etc.

Purchaser pays for shipping, thanks for looking!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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