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2004 Suzuki DL1000 with ~4k miles

This is the first full fighter that came out of FOH Cycle Fab's jersey shop.
This bike is a total headturner and headscratcher for those who want to know what it is.
You can safely say that THIS is the world's most custom V-Strom.
Featured in Streetfighter and Streetmonsters Magazine as well as Custom Fighters magazine. (also it's in the header bar, look up)

Frame and engine are stock. have ~6k mileage total
GSXR1000 front end
VFR swingarm with Momo rear wheel
Ducati 916 gastank mated for DL fuel pump (small 1.3 gallon fill)
Modified 636 tail section in hand laid carbon fiber
Custom cut undertail exhaust with mini light and plate mount
Full paint job from motor up done by FOH Cycle Fab
Renthal Fatbars installed post pictures with ASV shorty levers

FOH no longer builds bikes so you can't get one of these anywhere. Serious questions and inquiries please. Interested in trades but more so payment.
$9,000 usd / btc/ eth
Email - customfighters (at)
cell - nineseveneight - 4OO - six one Zer0 Zer0
Located in Central MA, but willing to ship world wide.


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