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I am forced to sell the bike in order to save up for next year when I study abroad. I really do not want to sell but after doing some calculation, there is no way I can afford to keep the bike and live in another country for 5-6 months. It sucks being a student. I am asking just a bit more than what I still owe on the bike. $4000
I am the original owner, and have done many mods to it. It has been laid down two times (last year), once at low speed another at higher speed but everything has been replace/repaired. Everything is straight.

2004 FZ1 18K miles
2002 black tank and tail
Acerbis Blitz style headlight
fork lowers painted black
Galfer SS lines and HH pads in front BRAND NEW
almost new Bridgestone on front (OEM tire)
Tomahawk on rear with only 1000 miles on it
seat was recovered by myself, it is a simpler smooth vinyl instead of the original perforated cover
AIS is gone
Carb coolant lines are bypassed
carb cross-over
has Ravenrider's stage II jetting
K&N pods
renthal bars
520 conversion 15t and 47t
sigma bc800 computer
Custom CNC machined black anodized fully adjustable Rearsets are being made for it right now, buyer will have to return the footrests to me when I get the rearsets.
Exhaust is a autozone tip with a 10"x2" baffle wrapped with packing. MCM style but better My buddy's gsxr1000 with a D&D is noticably louder than this
The tail is lifted 1" (I will include the original dogbones)
passenger brackets are powdercoated black
I have always run mobil 1 mx4t synthetic in the bike since after the break in period

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sevenpointsixtwo said:
Sucks you have to sell it, awesome bike overall! I would definitely snap this up if it weren't in illinois and I could afford to insure another bike...
it's not that far!
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