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Selling for a friend, bike is in Calgary.

Bike bought bike new from Walt Healy Motorsports and have done some modifications to add power, improve the looks and sound, and make it run better at Calgary altitudes. Here are the specs:

2006 Suzuki Bandit 1200S

Holeshot Bandit Comp 2 Stepped Header System
Holeshot Elbow Pipe
Holeshot 17" Comp 2 Core Polished Race Can
Holeshot 5 degree Timing Advancer
Holeshot Stage 2 Jet Kit with Dual K&N Pods
Holeshot Pair Removal Kit
PCV System replaced with K&N PCV Breather
Pingel High Flow Dual Outlet Petcock

These modifications involved replacing the entire exhaust system, ignition pickup, removing the PCV valve, removing the PAIR system and blocking off the ports on the engine block with machined block off plates, new gaskets, and new hardware. Removing the heavy PAIR valve block and removing the airbox and all associated hoses. The petcock was replaced to ensure adequate fuel flow and to provide a second fuel outlet in case I decided to install nitrous oxide (I sold him the kit but he never installed it)

All modifications were performed with care, following Holeshot Performance's directions and referring to the Suzuki Factory Service Manual. All stock parts retained and hardware in new condition in case you wish to put the bike back to stock. After performing the modifications, the bike was brought to Walt Healy's for my buddy James Carlin (tuning genius) to install the Jet Kit and Dyno-tune it. He was able to make some impressive gains in both peak horsepower and the torque curve.

I have attached a file with the dyno chart.

The only appearance modification made was to replace the stock front signal lights with LED flushmounts. We soldered factory ends on to the wires for the flushmounts so they just plugged into the bike's harness without having to cut any of the bike's original wires. I can't stand butchered electrical systems, so we made sure to do a good job on the install.


Bike was broken in on the dyno at Walt Healy's to ensure a good ring seal and lots of power.

At 500km, the bike had it's first oil change, along with a valve adjustment just to make sure everything was ok. Used a factory Suzuki filter and conventional oil as I was still breaking the bike in. As part of the first service, all chassis bolts were retorqued, and any components that had loose bolts were removed, blue loctited, and retorqued to factory spec.

At 1500km, the bike had it's second oil change, again with a Suzuki factory filter and conventional oil to aid the break-in. He also generally checked, lubricated, and adjusted everything.

At 1750km, the stock rear tire needed to be replaced due to drag racing (legally, on the track) The rear tire was replaced with a Shinko 009 (great tire, love it!).

At 3000km, the bike had it's third oil change, with a factory Suzuki filter and Motul 5100 oil. The bike was switched to the better oil now that I was sure it was broken in properly. Again, bolts were checked, lubricated, adjusted.

Another oil change was just done as well, using Motul 5100.

This bike has been drag raced at Race City, and has ran [email protected] with a 275lb rider. It had 115 rwhp when it was dynoed and it feels like it's opened up a bit since then.

This bike has served him well, but he's got a deposit down on a 2008 Hayabusa and a 2008 KLR650 and just doesn't need another streetbike. The buyer of this motorcycle will receive the bike in the following condition:

A fresh oil change with Motul 5100 and a factory Suzuki filter
Valves adjusted to factory specifications
General inspection, lubrication, and adjustments completed
Full tank of fuel
Chain cleaned, lubed, and adjusted

I know this stuff isn't a big deal, but he wants the new owner to be able to just get on and ride without any worries. Included is all the stock parts with the bike, and the Suzuki Factory Service Manual ($100ish if I recall)

MSRP was $10,699 and he's spent ~$2500 on upgrades. He's asking $9000CAD OBO. By buying this bike that's less than one year old and has ~6000kms on it, you're saving $1699 off the price, PDI, doc, tire tax, $749GST, and getting ~$2500 in free upgrades.

This bike is as minty as they come and well looked after. I can attest that this bike, although raced a couple times has NEVER been abused, and it is by far the best kept Bandit I have ever seen, even for it's young age. I'd love to pick it up myself for a fighter project, but too much on the go right now. He's heavy on the obo people...pass this on if you please :D



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