This year's People's Choice Award went to Brian "Fathead_03" Kammers, of Oroville, WA. Brian started with a CBR600F3 that he had picked up a year earlier. He said the project sat on the back burner until the '09 Build-off got him in gear. Early in the build-off, Brian started with a new subframe, some tank mods and rough fiberglass work. The real work, though, didn't begin until February, at which point he had settled into a new location and a bigger work area.  After some reflection as to where the CBR was heading, he realised he wasn't happy with his original mock-up. He made some deals with other members of the forum, and scored some suspension upgrades from a late model 600RR. Forks, swingarm, wheels brakes were all upgraded to RR pieces. With the bike on the work bench, sparks began to fly. Factory shock mounts were removed and new ones made to fit the Pro Link setup. The 600RR swingarm had to be narrowed to fit the F3's frame rails and the first adaptation of the subframe was cut away for a new approach.

With the frame rails clean and clear, Brian started bending up fresh square stock to improve upon his subframe design. Using what he had at hand, the steel tubes were secured to a large pulley, heated and bent to shape. The final pieces were cut to length and welded in place, creating a unique and flowing design to complement the new idea for tail and exhaust mounts.

The rear of this bike is a hand-formed work of art that really adds the character to this build. The neo-cafe tail section is hand made from steel sheet. Brian cut cardboard templates until he had the desired shape; he tested and re-tested the fit until it was perfect. 1979 Trans Am dual exhaust tips link back to a modified Two Brothers silencer and exit on each side through teardrop cutouts.

The body mods continue into the tank. Teardrop indents were pounded into the front of the tank; its rear edges were extended with sheet metal to meet the new subframe and cover the factory tank seams. The rear tank mount was remade to fit the new subframe and clear the under seat exhaust. Up front, a small bikini fairing was created from sheet metal, to cap off the SV650 headlight.

With most of the fab work complete, Brian now had to get the bike running. He still hadn't heard the engine run. And after sitting around for almost a year, the old fuel and electrics had to be checked and cleaned. He cleaned and rebuilt the fuel system, arranging the electrics to fit the machine's new layout. A custom electrics box now sits behind the engine and conforms to the shape of the subframe. It's a tight squeeze, but the battery, all the control boxes and relays are stored inside, along with the ignition switch. Wiring has been shortened and tucked inside the frame. LED arrays are lined down the back of the frame rails and around the bottom of the exhaust for tail and brake lights.

With two weeks to go before the deadline, he pulled the bike apart again for final prep and paint. Brian handled all the stages of bodywork and color. The candy red and bed liner black was all done with spray cans. The extra time and detail put into the prep stage made for an outstanding result. After spending some late nights getting the bike back together and running. Just before the Buildoff's deadline, Brian took the CBR for its maiden voyage to a local car/bike show where it pulled a first place in the motorcycle class. Within two weeks, the CBR had two awards; that's a nice pat on the back for all his hard work and attention to detail.

The original build thread can be viewed here: Fathead's CBR 600 F3 Build

Words: Shaun Kelly | Pics: Peter Lombardi