Gavin "Greencheezeeta" Butts first came upon our forum toward the end of 2008, and immediately fell in pace with the group as if he'd been here from the beginning. His Z1000 had already begun transforming when he showed up, and really took off on these pages. Such enthusiasm was put into that bike. He loved it so much, not only was he spending hours in the garage building it to his taste, he was making dance videos, doing risque photo shoots with it, riding it everywhere to show it off-spreading the word about streetfighters, and showing people the light to fightering their own bikes (sometimes forcefully). As a result of his enthusiasm for fighters and modification, a good number of people have come to CF from numerous other forums, as well as some of his local friends and riding buddies.

Tragically, his life was taken September 08, 2009 at the young age of 25, in a high speed accident on the Z-King.  Gavin was an inspiration to us all at Custom Fighters. His drive and motivation paired with his sense of humor and love for life, defined who he was. His personality came through his posts and drew people to him. He was not only a friend to us, but a leader, a motivator, an instigator and a voice of sensibility.  He had a knack for modification and wasn't just limited to his bike as he had many different projects and hot rods. He was a member of many forums, but CF was his home, and we were his brothers and sisters. Everyone of us was touched by his existence and will forever remember him in our hearts and carry his memory with us when we ride. Ride on Gavin, you are sorely missed!
Gavin Wayne Butts' 2003 Kawasaki Z1000 a.k.a. the Z-king

Engine mods:
2005 zx10r engine kit with a shaved head gasket, factory Kawasaki racing intake cam, pcIII usb, Ivan's TRE and exhaust servo module, custom Muzzy-based sidewinder exhaust, custom intake system with K & N filters, zx636 radiator and fan, smog block off plates, and finally a custom overflow bottle made from a brake fluid can.

Front end:
2006 zx636 front suspension with matching wheel, rotors, upper triple, and calipers. 50mm Vortex clip-ons with skull grips, zx10r hand controls, 2002 R1 clutch perch with cut/drilled/spiked lever, 2001 gsxr1000 front brake master cylinder with cut/drilled/spiked lever, Goodridge braided brake lines, mini brake fluid resevoir, and custom aluminum bar ends.

1996 Honda VFR750 single sided swingarm with custom wheel spacer and longer studs. 17 x 7 Konig "Imagine" car wheel (later pics show TSW car rim) with a 190/55/17 Bridgestone bt002 race tire. 2007 zx10r rear shock with custom dogbones. Rear brake delete set-up(lol).

Stock z1000 tank, tail, and subframe triangles.
2005 zx10r front fender.
Smoothed undertail with intergrated taillight and spike bolts.
Modified headlight cowl with spike bolts on the stock screen.
Everything painted alpine white with blue and red metalflake.
R6 tailsection

HID headlight bulbs
Speedking rearsets
Custom engine mounts
Custom rear shock mounts
Cox racing radiator gaurd
CRG blindsight barend mirror
Custom made frame sliders
For the compiled build thread of the Z-King go here:

Words: Adam Frantz | Pics: Gavin and Amber