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Hey guys,

It's been awhile since I've posted, busy with house stuff. Pics in first reply!

2010 KTM SMC 690
Mileage ~5,700 will go up as I ride it weekly
Seat – Done by Toctuning
Slip on exhaust - FMF titanium/carbon tip
Removed heat shields
Header Wrapped - Innovation Wideband bung welded in.
European K&N clone
Moty Battery
70/mpg if you keep the front wheel on the ground
One down on the front sprocket
Comes with the ecu stuff to remap it – I never messed with it
Clean and clear MI title

Down twice, both low speed – probably around 25-35mph. Once on each side, lowside with axle sliders/bark busters.
It seems a common problem, but it starts hard when hot. Will run/die, run/die, run when its warm out. Something about big valves/cams they don't idle well in the heat. Never had an issue once it holds it's idle. I did the normal throttle map resets and idle reset.
Pasti-dipped the rear wheel, can remove. Went on like crap.
Stock stickers removed. Gasoline seemed to bugger the plastic a bit – not shiny.
Valves due at 6k.

If you want specs I can supply them.

The guy I got it from was the first owner, bought late in 2011 as a left over. He put 2k miles on it. I rode it more the first year, but once I got the fighter done I don't ride as much. Three track days(hence the low-sides, but you know how sumo's handle lay-downs, both times I was able to ride it back to the pits), oil changes after each. I commuted with it the first year often. It'll come with a small stand, the clutch oil, and I think I have a set of filters and engine oil I use (did the first two with the stock recommended motex I believe but that's like $19/quart, so I use Amsoil), also some stock bits.

It's a great bike, I'm sure I'll regret it at some point, but my daily now is about dead and I need a truck. It's rough if you're trying to highway mile it, but its a LOT of fun around town and in the twisties. Still can go about 100+ with my ass on it. Can help deliver if you pay for gas/tolls. Feel free to send me a message here or just reply to the ad. Giving you guys first shot due to this kick ass community. Can move some on the price.

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