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NOV 1ST 2012 - MAY 26TH 2013

Threads should be titled with Your name, bike and project title (if you have one) for example: 929_Adam's CBR 929 - Project Sea Bee Arrrr

All entrants MUST post pictures showing the bike in its starting condition with legitimate proof of date in the picture - Newspaper is preferable.

Only the work done to the bike from the starting point until the final date will be judged. So any mods you already have will NOT be considered as part of your work done (however may still contribute to the final product of your bike so don't feel bad if you've already started).

We ask that everyone keep an updated log of their build process, documenting the modifications and processes along the way with pictures and descriptions to the best of your ability.

Please keep a running list of parts used and cost, including the bike, to create a cost list for the final post.

First posts cannot be made before Nov 1st. Final posts must be made BEFORE 12 am May 27th (eastern standard time USA) at the very latest. We also would like a quick video showing that the bike runs (or a whole bunch of pics to prove it)! Include pics of the final bike, PLEASE, take the bike out of the garage and snap a few good photos for us.

Remember, phones are for making phone calls. Cameras take pictures (except you smart phone nerds do get some decent quality photos).

Build threads are to be posted in ONLY by the buildoff entrant who started the thread. Discussion threads are for discussing, asking questions, leg humping etc. Keep your negative comments to yourself of course. Also, builders, please put links to your build and discussion threads in your signature for ease of browsing for everyone on CF!

The finished bikes will be submitted to a panel of Fighter Experts for the Pro's Choice award and posted up on the site with a poll for the People's Choice award judged by the forum!

Quick summary if you didn't read all that.

-Entries can be posted anytime after November 1st 2012 until the culmination of the build.

-Post your thread with your name, bike, and name of build (if you have one) example: 929_adam's 2000 CBR929RR - Sea Bee Arrrrrr

-Entrants must post pic showing beginning state of project with proof of date in pic (newspaper etc)

-Entrants must have a link in their signature linking to their build and discussion threads.

-Final threads must be posted before 12 am May 27th 2013 (US Eastern Standard Time) and consist of a full list of modifications, parts used, cost incurred, final pics and proof that the bike runs (preferably a video).

Good luck to everyone! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this year! We have seen some amazing bikes turned out in years past, and I can only anticipate another amazing year to come!
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Nice spot Justin...

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Question on pre buildoff progress etiquette..... if as in my case its already been goin do i just link somewhere to the other thread so folks can see how it got to buildoff stage of completion?

Or are we treating it as clean slate? And how does one play the other pre existing build thread. ?

Thanks guys?

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I would say the build off starts with exactly what you have in the garage/shop/shed as of November first or whenever it is that you finally get a picture with a date. Anything done before then shouldn't have any merit on the build off. I would think the best way to handle the current build thread is to make a post saying go here ___ for the winter build off and keep all comments about it here ____. :twocents:
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