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This is probably a very easy question, but I'd like some input before I go on ebay and start ordering stuff.

I have a 2002 bandit 600.

I have 2 LED turn signals in the rear, each with a resistor.
I also have a flasher relay.
I have been riding without any front turn signals for a while now without any issues...but i want to change that.

I just went about installing the front turn signals...they seemed to work fine when I tested each one by itself, however, when I went to actually install both... I kept blowing a fuse. Only one front turning signal can be attached, or it blows a fuse immediately if both are attached.

Do I need resistors for the front? or something more?... the blinker speed seems to be fine

Also, the front turning signals are weird... front/left turn signal has 2 wires, I assume -/+ , but the front/right has 3 wires...-/+ plus ground?

anyways, the wire that has 3, I simply covered the wire I wasnt using.

That's odd things that come to mind are ....

If you have an led relay & resistors surely you have resisted it twice that's not normal !
Does your bike have hazard warning lights ? this may account for the extra wire
All the earlier models I have worked on only have 2 wires per indicator maybe a look at the wiring diagram for your year will shed some light

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Three wire turns are usually ground, turn, running.

If you have the LED flasher relay, you shouldn't need to have load resistors in line.

As for running only one at a time, I can only think of having a short or the extra resistance is asking for more amperage than the fuse is rated for.

If you remove the load fuses, does it still pop fuses and does it blink faster or the same rate?
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