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old fart
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cleaned up my shed and got things sorted ready to start on the frame

only thing that i have done so far before the Nov 1st start date was fit the swing arm, have the seat re covered, pulled the motor apart so i could send the barrels away to get the liners pressed out, test fit some bits and order lots of other bits.
I am doing the polar opposite of the other two entrants, i am doing a build that will take as much cash as i can realistically spend, and make no apologies for it :D

parts and bike as of today 3rd Nov





old fart
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list of parts/costs

GSX1100 EFE frame £200
GSX1100 Tank £650
Seats + recover £400
Side panels £250
Brembo front brake M/c £237.50
Brembo clutch M/c £184.60
Brembo rear brake M/c £756.40
Braketech front discs £1050.00
Brembo GP4-RR calipers £2350
Brembo 4pot P4 rear caliper £839.70
Domino quick action throttle kit £140
Ohlins forks £2500
Ohlins bespoke rear shock £1300
Bandit 12 motor £500
Yoshimura 40 TMR-MJN's £1600
Red6 billet yokes, cases, h/lamp £2200
Redsix billet battery box £160
LiIon battery £140
Motogadget M-unit, M-lock, M-button, M-blaze
M-view + wiring kit, Pro dash £1600
Motone switch units £80
BST Carbon wheels with Ti fixtures £3200
Martek swing arm £1300
Titanium fasteners £1000+ so far
Carbon front fender £160
Rizoma brake fluid pots + mounts £170
Ti dry break connectors £400
19 row alloy oil cooler £164
6 row head cooler £174
electric cooling fan £60
heat switch for fan £44
oil cooler fittings £275
wassner 1246cc h/comp pistons + carillo rods £2000
WSR billet big block (plus mach) £1350
40mm carb inlet rubbers £160
Pillion grab bar £40
Rear light unit £60
light infill plate £30
seat lock £6
brembo brake pads £200
Titanium pad pins £50
Gilles rear sets £460
OEM Suzuki grommets & bushes £100
Titanium front wheel spindle £200
Titanium rear wheel Spindle £200
clutch plates £143
Sigma slipper clutch £662
clutch springs £15
No plate bracket £15
PC racing billet oil filter £85
side stand £20
Ignitech programmable ignition module £150
Ignitech stick coils £140
Braketech rear floating disc £250
Renthal ultra low bars £60
Yoshimura top yoke stem nut £34
APE s/steel oversize valves, valve guides, cam sprockets, cam chain, valve oil seals,
Yoshi stage2 cams, cam springs & spring retainers £2600
fit valves and port head £850
Yoshi billet brake clevis joint £29.90
GSXR Cam cover breather £30
Racefit legend Titanium exhaust system £1200
Racefit twin fuel filler £850
Racefit Ti paddock stand £200
Pingel fuel tap £144
Carb inlet protectors £120
Second CBR yoke £50
Gasket set & seals for engine rebuild £175
Welding (so far) £200
steel tube (frame brace) £20
Alloy plate ( top shock mount) £30
Tyres £145
Chain and sprockets £200
Brake hoses £150
Pillion pegs & hangers £100
Vapour blast & paint engine £450
Lightened and balanced crank £150
new crank shells £100
SNT billet clutch basket £
GSXR1000 slipper clutch £270
Wego III fuel unit £500
Billet rear caliper hanger £143
Rear shock bracket £55
Rear spring £80
Titanium swing arm spindle nut and bolt £180
Harris Billet paddock stand lifters £66
Pipper cross filters £20
Yoshi paddock stand bobbins £60
Billet electrics tray £134
chain jocky wheel £90
Starter motor £60
Generator £60
Tank straps £150
rear mud guard £80
Clutch master cylinder £30
wheel q/r cups £125
Titanium engine mounts £500

Beer to pay Taff £150+

Still to come

Paint £????
Powder coating £????
Dyno time £????

running total = £41,130 + :oops:

old fart
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Hahaha, I really should stay away from the interweb, i now have a new shopping list of bits to go with the other engine upgrades
Looking at Yoshi stage 2 cams with yoshi valve springs and retainers (set of Kent SUZ1 cams now up for sale), APE stainless oversize valves and HD cam chain.

looks to be the same set up that SPS classic endurance race team use​​​​​​​ :D

old fart
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Still on holiday in Cyprus, so no "WORK" done on bike, but still managing to buy bits to add to the build from the web. Found some of the calipers that I sent back for sale on Ebay, excellent condition and half the cost of new ones, also both calipers the same colour which is a bonus 🙂


old fart
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HPS have just let me know that my Braketech floating 240mm rear disc has been dispatched, lot less than I had to wait for the last one I ordered from them!

old fart
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I know it's not yet a "build" thread for real, I will get round to some work sometime in the very near future ( back from Cyprus on Sat)
In the meantime I have managed to spend lots more dosh and have ordered the Bits from my new shopping list.
now ordered,
Yoshimura st2 cams with yoshi springs and spring retainers.
APE S/steel oversize valves,
APE valve guides,
APE cam chain,
APE adjustable cam sprockets,
Valve stem oil seals,

Looking forward to getting started on the frame, although I am still waiting for the last main order bits to arrive (forks & shock) that I need to allow me to plan the bracing and mounting.

old fart
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Changed my mind about the Brembo SBK discs! contacted WRS and asked if i could send them back and exchange for some "T" drive Pistabassa discs.

they are happy for the exchange, "T" drives now payed for and on order from Brembo :)


old fart
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Not heard anything from MGR about my Ohlins, so might give them a buzz to see whats happening on the build front.

looking to drop in to Racefit tomorrow, and deposit my tank with them to get the fillers fitted. might call in to Red6 on the way home for a cuppa and chat

with ****, rude not too if im passing :)

old fart
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called into Racefit this afternoon, put order in for full Legend system, twin tank filler (with fitting, breather welding on, plate under tank welding & pingle adapter fitting)*and a Ti paddock stand.

Jon wanted the tank and offered to buy it off me! told him i wanted it modding, he said i was mad.

old fart
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well every day is a skool day!!

purchased some pads for the P4 calipers, they are listed for both the P4 and GP4-RR calipers, so i assumed they would be ok for both,

Not so!!

when fitted to the GP4 calipers there is a very large gap between pad faces, no problem with fitting 7mm thick discs (Pistabassa's) but

when fitted to the P4's there was only 4mm between pad faces,* couldn't even fit a worn stock thickness disc,

so did some investigation and found out that Brembo do two different thickness of pads, stock fitment are 10mm+,* the other ones are 8mm thickness,

both to fit the same calipers, so i now know i need the 8mm pads for my P4 calipers.

other problem is the compound, so far i have found 3 types mentioned

1) Z01 race wet

2) Z03 Endurance

3) Z04 race

have sent messages to see what the best compound is for fast street riding, waiting now for an answer.*

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managed to pull my finger out and actually do some work on the frame today! (given Yan enough of a head start :) )

cut and shaped front head stock bracing, made one of the shock mount braces too,

would have done more but i ran out of tube, i will order some more tonight.


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Continued stripping the motor last night, got it down to the bottom end, then found i didnt have a clutch holding tool to fit the B12 Mk2 clutch!
that too had to be left on the bench unfinished, so i could get one ordered along with the bar i need for the frame bracing.
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