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I am the painter. It took me many days, approximately 8 days. And I did not count the number of bottles of nail polish. I carefully applied maybe 400 bottles of nail polish, to most of it. It was taken apart, and inside a bed room.The quality of men plus one husband I started seeing in 2002, went way up in income, looks, and overall,type of man.When my husband borrows my bike, people assume he has a sexy woman as his significant other.In 2005, I got a job where I drive a lot, and my time wanting to be on the road, decreased significantly.The parking spaces are primo, the bliss and breeze are unreal. On the road, drivers will smile at you and the little kids will wave.

I picked this make and model for the comfortable passenger seat, for the company. I have easily added big men on for rides. My husband was once on the back for the hair pin turns in hill country, followed by a B&B!
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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