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Is my bike ok?
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-Clean title
-Very solid car with rust only on the drivers footwell
-I don't have a grille,bumpers or back seat for this car
-All trim (Deluxe), tail light assy's, headlight assy's, etc are included
-Tires are junk,but the rims go with the car
-Solid front axle with ~3" drop with discs-no calipers or mounts (Speedway Motors has them)
-Chrysler 8 3/4 rearend
-Steering box and steering wheel are original and present-no steering column
-Mounts are for SBC with a TH350-PO had a tunnel ram with short air cleaners mocked up at one time. It all fit under the hood.
-No driveshaft
-There is no wiring in the car
The brakes are as pictured. This car is a basic roller with a very solid body. It rolls, but that's all. IT DOES NOT STOP OR STEER. ROLLER ONLY.

I can send many more pics if interested. I'm looking for $3,500 OBO. Currently in Roanoke,Virginia. Fire away with any questions you have and I'll answer the best I can. I didn't ''build'' this car,so my knowledge is limited. But the welding appears to be top-notch. Thanks!

Only rust in the whole car is this. Yes, I have the transmission tunnel as well.
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