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To do it right would require multiple dyno runs. Maybe several runs just to get the mains correct.

Then more runs to dial in the midrange, which will now have a massive flat spot from your 4 into 1, probably around 5k.

After all that you will go to start it in the fall and find out it is too lean to run below 40 degrees.

So, maybe a grand to have someone else do it. You will become an expert at pulling and installing your carbs. And changing fouled spark plugs.

Depending on the shop they might just put a kit in there. That will absolutely NOT be the right tuning for your bike.

The reason I say dyno runs is because your butt dyno isn't sensitive enough to tell you what is better. Also the neighbors will be pissed at you for screaming up that hill at redline in second 10x a day!

Remember that smoother is faster. That is why cv carbs took over from flatslides.

Especially on a pig like the cb900 you don't want to have the engine hiccup when you are leaned way over in a corner or the engine cases will deck out and lever your back wheel up into the air!

So, go for it!:rock:

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