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Hey guys. So, I got my bike put back together. Before hand, I took apart the carbs and gave them a cleaning. Put them back on the bike (without airbox). And it fired right up. But started spitting gas out the carbs.

Took them back off set the floats to spec (needles didn't look too bad) cleaned the seat and put everything back (this time with the air box) and got it to rev up, throttle response was good, But it was back firing too much. And filling the air box with gas. Turns out I had a bunch of (air) leaks. And I'm guessing the needle and seat weren't as clean as I thought. (might have been some dirty gas as well.) The A/F screw was completely down and it was running like shit. So I decided to get rid of that mess and just get some pods.

(box looks big bulky and in the way barely fits.)

I've been doing research on the dynojet, and the carb rebuild kits, and it looks like they have some of the same parts in each kit.

I was wondering if anyone has had their hands on a rebuild+jet kit together? so I wouldn't have to spend more money than I need .

Thanks in advance! Any advice is helpful !
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