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83 GPz750

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Hey guys, I found your forum from a link to one of the project bikes. Im located in the USA in VA. Ive been working on this bike off an on for a few years and just in the last 6 months made some real progress. I have tons of pics to upload but i wont have time until later so here is a teaser pic. Ill also give you guys the specs.

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Welcome to the site and way to post up pics on your first post :party-smiley: :knucks:
oooooooooooooooh shi+, love the bike, love the colors......... but you gotta do something about those forks.

What swingarm is that?
Welcome. I've been following your build at the aussie streetfighters site. Nice job!
There's alot of members from ausie streetfighters coming over.
holy crap, another VA fighter fan!! where you at in VA?

the bike looks sweet! keep the pics a-comin. those old gpz's were cool bikes to start with, that one's even better.
Hey guys, thanks for the good words. Now that im home from work i can post a bit more.

skroozeloose, im in blacksburg, i work for VA tech.

The bike obviously is a gpz, enrico, the front end works great and its all i could come up with when i started the project. Ive got around $400 in it right now with the mods.

The front is a 90gsxr750 unit, graves clip ons, tokico 6pot calipers, floating 320mm rotors, braided lines, gsxr 17" front wheel. I made the steering stem from an old kzstem and used the gpz bearings and races. I modified the top triple, removed the key loop and casting seam around the entire triple. The lights are hella driving lights with a homemade clamp.

right now im down to finishing the paint work, finishing the wiring and sourcing a few more parts to move on with it. I started it several years ago a did the suspension mods then rode it for a year. I pulled it off the road in 2003 and its been parked since then. I started working on it again about 6 months ago. Here are some pics of it after the suspension mods.

Rear is a 95gsxr750 arm. 5.5" rear rim with a 180/55x17, older style gsxr rear caliper. I made the spacers, chain adjuster blocks, lower chain roller, suspension linkage. Have a fox shock 8 clicker on there.

I shortened the frame 7". Custom hand made fiberglass tail section. I modified the stock seat and seat pan to fit just have to make the seat cover for it. Made the rear sets using fzr600 foot pegs and a gsxr rear master. Made a manual cam chain tensioner for it so i could fit the gsxr1100 flat slides. I made a black acetal shock res clamp that clamps the frame, i have some in progress pics but no finals.

Last weekend i made exhaust dumps for it, running 4-2. I also fiberglassed an undertail but its not done yet.

I painted the bike with duplicolor spray paint. Its not done yet as im trying to do the final sanding and clear(no clear in the pics). Im sure there is a ton more that i forgot as its an ongoing project.

22.9degree rake angle, 3" trail, 56" wheel base, 54degree lean angle, 52.5% front weight bias, wet weight is about 400lbs right now.

here are a few more pics.

in that last pic you can see the stock tail light where the battery should be, thats not how it sits now, the tag goes there and the light is actually going to be a tag frame with leds all around it to keep it clean. I still need to make my lcd speedo/tach unit that goes where the stock lcd pod is on the tank.

I hope to get it done soon so i can start riding it again. I let it sit for way too long!
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that is looking like a good project, I like the gpz, that is my zr7's close relative (my engine is based on the gpz's):party-smiley: :rock: :drinks:
thats BADASS!!!! I love it. my dad just bought a 1980 kz 550 gpz. I told him he better keep a close eye on it or I'll steel it for my next project
Heh the old Kawi's!!!! Love what you've done to this one!

I don't thing I Have ever seen anyone do a standup on a that's a first!

The bike looks sweet...nice seeing the factory colors again...haven't seen that combination since the old AMA/ Muzzys days with Scott Russell!

Have you seen the tail lights that Motrax makes? Some have tag brackets included. I know Cycle Gear has them...also found some on E-Bay
thanks for the words guys and zx636 i like the vt banner on your sig. It was definately a hard time since that day.

all the tag brackets ive found are billet and heavy. im really trying to cut the weight down a good bit on this bike. ive done a few proto tail lights and i guess i didnt include any pics.

this tail is one ive cut up for mocking stuff up.

thats a clear piece of lexan heated and bent to fit the curve of the tail. decided its too big and not clean enough, then the big tail under the seat but thats too big and heavy. i dont think i have a pic online but i did try a small enduro light in the tail but it didnt look right either. with the big light under the seat i was planning on this.

but i ended up making that undertail from aluminum and didnt like it so i started beating it with a hammer:)

now its a fiberglass version of the same.

just needs some trimming and painting.

fslflint, those first gpz are pretty cool and make great naked bikes. I like the look of dual shocks on the rear of those old bikes but a few convert them to uni like the 83 and up gpz.
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Shift man, I've been watching you build on the Aussie site too, almost thought of joining up a few times to say how great it looks! I'm really diggin the fiberglass work, has to be one of the best old school fighters I've seen for sure. The colors were a perfect choise! I agree with comments on the Aussie board too about the lights, normally the stacked rectangel lights look butt-ugly but they really set this bike off perfect.

Great work, and welcome to the site. Stick around, us state-side fighters need to stick together:knucks:
Nice job. I love the look of of a bike stripped down to it's bare essentials.
Gotta love a Kawi man whose not afraid of buying stem bearings and fork seals on a regular basis!!!

Love the bike and the colors and I'm going to cruise over to the Aussie site to see more.

BTW man that rat's nest of wiring scares me!
yeah the wiring is alot 'thinner' now. ive ditched almost everything about it and ill update pics when its done or before i loom it up. All the pics are loaded to my filebox.

on that main screen there is a folder called rapid, they are really large high res pics of the bike that i sent to rapid bikes. There is a gpz folder that has tons of pics. im also a member of street fighter owners club in uk, i spend most of my time on that site, I have two other bikes that im going to build(fzr's) and then i need to focus on a few cars that ive neglected before tackling another project like this. i really want to stick to old aircooled bikes as they make very clean fighters, but the motors are so wide!!! the cases on this bike hit the ground way before the pegs do now and thats not a fun issue.
made a bit of progress today, added some paint to the under tail.

and some wiring.

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Nice bike :D
Nice Starion :D

Pretty unique look, not a lot of bikes around like that. Definitely good work.

Welcome to Custom Fighters :haelo:
thanks haelo. The starion is next on my list after the bike, im the 2nd owner:)
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