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Just picked up a super clean 84 FJ1100 for super cheap, $1000.
Bikes runs strong. Bone stock. 14k original owner miles.
Starts right up with choke in 20* weather.
Motor sounds great and hits strong.

Plan is strip it down to the frame and engine.
Mock up USD front end.
Swing arm swap.
Custom sub frame and tail.
Cut off anything not needed to reduce weight (she is a PIG!)

Parts on hand for the swap:
-94 GSXR 750 swingarm, wheel, tire, rotor, sprocket, etc
-94 GSXR 750 USD forks, axle, wheel, rotors, calipers
-Brand new tires from my last bike never installed
-lots of random pieces from past bikes, frames, lights, carbs, calipers, etc etc.

Hope to have it done for this spring. Have a few other small projects going right now, also just bought a house on October. So my other lists will take some priority.

Also planning to keep this build cheap! My last build (1999 SV650) only cost about $2600 for the entire build from bike, forks, wheels, etc.
With a lot of parts on hand already, and FJ oem parts hard to come by, I can make some decent cash from the fairings, wheels, forks, etc.


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Great bike lots of power
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