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super stuck, no spark, has power to coils, and the wire leads pulse while cranking, but has absolutely no spark from both coils on all 4 wires coil output. checked all fuses, cleaned up all the connectors on the wire harness, bike sat stored since 1996 with no fluids, idk history previous, I bought it not running for a project and cannot figure this out, also not very good with wiring/ignition I have a test light and a 7 dollar multimeter tool from harbor freight that I don't know how to use or test, also I can't find any fuse panel diagram, or firing order or much info on how to troubleshoot this bike, any help and info would be very appreciated.

thank you.

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Pssst…it’s in his title. ‘84 500 Interceptor.

To the OP, seems silly, but how’s the engine/frame to battery ground?

Later, Doug
:oops: how did I miss that?

to the no spark issue: coils will have a 12v power thats hot whenever the ignition is on and a pulsing ground when cranking or running. probe the two wires that go into each coil and look for a constant 12v with ignition on one side and a pulsing ground when cranking on the other.
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