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This is the bike i was working on before i bought the CBR. I figured i might as well document it here as well since this bike will be seeing a lot more work soon!

1985 Honda VF750F Interceptor


WFO Carbon fiber smoked surface mount signal lights
Fender eliminator
Kerker series K slip ons
LP signal lights on rear
removed decals and painted bike black (will be redone this winter)

Repairs during ownership:

Oil changes
Rear tire
Brake bleeding
replaced brake lever twice....dont ask..
replaced clutch lever on first day of ownership

Planned mods:

CBR wheels
CBR rear shock
Cartridge Fork conversion
new upper triple clamp with Superbike bar
Relocate fuse box
CBR 1kRR Starter switch
CBR 900RR throttle assembly
Bar end mirrors


First day of ownership November 2nd 2006 (23rd bday gift to myself)

Fall 06

Spring 07 mods begin...

Summer 07 Second stage of mods begins with a two tone paintjob...

Brief period of being a dual Interceptor owner..second bike in pic has been torn down to be a parts donor for ol Mad Max

Late summer 07 LP signal lights front and rear

Spring '10

Interceptor painted satin black, Kerker slip ons installed, Joe Rocket Tank bag

Summer '10

Picture from 2010 Bike rally competing in bike rodeo, Day the bike was dubbed Mad Max by the radio announcer who was doing commentary during rodeo.


Lone Wolf
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Looks pretty cool dude, the name fits!

Forgot to mention one mod that this bike will have in common with my CBR and that is both bikes will be getting Veypor VR2 digital computers in place of original guages. Mostly adding it in place of the stock cluster on this bike to shave some weight up there. I have kicked around the idea of a full out fighter conversion then kind of realised it was already one basically from the factory with its current body work. Besides...the windscreen is nice for long distance riding.

Lone Wolf
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nice put a kz1000 motor in it
Not quite sure if i would do something like that, however i do have a complete spare Interceptor suspension thanks to the '83 parts bike. What i may do is have my buddy build a chassis to accept that suspension and make use of the Honda CB750 K4 engine i have to build a CB based 'Fighter.
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