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Hi, been looking at the forum for a while, but finally decided to join.
Used to ride motorbikes as a kid, but after 20 years off I took my test about 18 months ago and the bike bug hit in a big way. Since then I have had a kwak er6n, bandit 600, bandit 650f, Kwak vn800, I started building a chopper, now after picking up a budget slabby I am getting into streetfighters.

Half the time I haven't got a clue what I'm doing, I just wing it.

My 1986 slabby had been hacked about with, so the first thing was to take the subframe off. I wasn't sure what I was going to put in its place, but I came across a complete k6 rear end for dirt cheap so I ended up going with that. It's not as sleek as I would like it to be, but it's growing on me. I realised the stock tank didn't look good with the new rear end, so I went with a k5 bandit tank, chopped off the bottom so it would fit on the frame better. I'll soon have it welded up and have it mounted.
I made an overkill chunky bracket that holds the new subframe and mounts the back of the tank, the front tank mount just needed extending about an inch for the new tank.
In the next couple of weeks I plan to get it all built up and try it through the mot to see where I need to go from there. Then after running it about for a bit and finding the niggles I'll concentrate on finishing the cosmetics.


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Welcome to CF Budget-fighter!! Great intro & pics, so I repped you...;) Why don't you start a builde thread, so we can follow your progress. We like to watch....;)
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