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There is a little hole on the bottom side of the water pump that seems to be leaking oil. Not sure where the oil is coming from. On the engine side I don't understand how the oil would get through and on the coolant side there is no oil and no coolant leaking through the hole. Does this make sense.

on the carbs - they are clean, extremely clean. I am having trouble adjust my floats. I am sure the main jet is to sit 100% in gas but what about the other openings. When the bowls are to high, gas comes out of the front of the carb where those two little holes are. Sorry really bad with names. The manual says 17 mm but I put them there and 3 were fine and one over flowed. I think it might be the piece that is attached to the float and stops the fuel from comming down.
fual cuttof valve(amongst other names;)),sometimes tha taper seat wears and ya gotta replace them .
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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