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My second motorcycle, and first custom fighter!
Will post progress pictures as I go and constructive criticism welcomed :)

When I bought it a month ago or so. have all the plastics but the front fender.

Chopped that ugly rear fender.. high priority lol

Sanded and did a mediocre bondo job to fix a few dents in the tank

after a few failed attempts... finally got the tank wrapped

then striped and slapped a Yamaha logo on...

and on the bike, with clubman bars

To do :

Finish striping tail
Install 7" round headlight
Replace valve cover gasket
replace sprockets
Chop the exhaust pipes off into one stubby pipe
Bar end mirrors
Black header wrap

Hack in a barn
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Holy shit, nice job on the tank!

For some reason I really like these bikes. Can't really put my finger on it but I think they have a good look to them.

I'm in...

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Nice, I found one of these bikes hiding in the back of a neighboring shop. I really like what he did with the tail here, but I can't help but wonder how it all turned out.
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