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well, i just blew up my 893 engine in my 93 900rr last night after thrashing on it, presumably because of a spun rod bearing causing it to throw a rod. now, i know these bikes are prone to doing that, but this engine was just rebuilt about 1000 miles ago, and broken in the right way.

are the original blade engines that fragile, or did i just get a shit rebuild? its not like I was out there being wheelie mcgee on the thing, i was just running her tits off on the highway.

also, i was wondering what you guys knew as to what the hell causes them to spin rods so easily? Is there any mods to do to prevent it, or is it just the Achilles heel of these things?

and did the 918 motors have less of this problem, or are they just as much of time bombs as the 893s?
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