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Selling the original motor and carbs out of my Kat project. The motor is a 92 750 with around 12,000 miles. Nothing wrong mechanically, ran good without any issues. Just went with a larger motor and don't need to keep this anymore. There is a stripped valve cover bolt that needs fixed ( timesert or helicoil ) but that's all. Includes the starter and the clutch cover, cable, and lever

The carbs are BST36SS's and are jetted with a Factory Pro jet kit. The cable choke was swapped in favor of a carb mounted early gsxr style. The O-rings, gaskets, and all rubber was replaced about a year ago

Asking $350 for everything for a quick sale. If you want just the carbs, motor, or parts of the motor like the ********, make an offer.

Also have a set of 2ND gen bandit cams
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