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:yamaha: ok ive been her on and off for awhile and i trashed my trans which gave me my reason to take the four basic tools to my bike to make it unique, (I.E. BFH, torch, sawzaw,welder) ive always loved the look of a sssa on any bike and i found one on ebay for 241$ shipped just need to know what dimensions they are compared to my yzf 600r sa, yes im still a goofy ass noobie and dont know shit about bikes for the most part all i know is whats in my head and on paper needs to come out to be a possible candadite for fighter of the month or year one day. ive heard that i will need to offset the sprocket but not sure which one or how the fuck to do it. any pointers on this or maybe a better sssa to go with would be muchly appreciated
my link to my build thread is below i need more pics and some crazy ass ideas to toss around in my head or some fresh new ideas that would help my creativity (this will also be a dedication bike to my friends and Brother whom lost their lives doing what they love, Riding and stunting)

Constructive critisism is not hated on however will be graded lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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