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Hello guys!

I wanted to share my build with you, so let's go.
I've been looking for a suitable motorcycle for many years and I never had the money or the chance to buy one. I have previously ridden with some scooters and I customized them all to be suitable for me (even made it to a motorcycle exhibition with one here in Estonia, Tartu)

Anyways, in November I stumbled upon an ad with this in it. It was already someone else's project so it really grabbed my attention. I contacted the guy and pretty soon went and took it for a small test drive. Then, a few days later, it was mine and in a few days I started to take it apart.

So, originally, it looked something like this. (picture from Google)

I discussed with the previous owner, if it had been crashed before the rebuild, and he confirmed to me, that he bought a bike in perfectly good condition and then started rebuilding. Although there are/were some things about the rebuild that I didn't like (some in the looks, some in the quality), I really liked the overall picture of it and I feel that it has a lot of potential. So, in November 30th, when it's the last legal time to drive with summer tires, I took it for a last drive, before tearing it apart. I also took my camera with me and took some pictures.

So. What has done to it.
-Aprilia SXV550 risers and handlebar
-Aprilia SXV550 rear end
-an old Harley exhaust silencer (which I already modded 25cm or 10inches for the U.S. shorter)
-side panels made out of the original rear fairing
-gas mask and headlight unit, with a plastic also modded from the original rear fairing.
-Honda VFR SSSA with an 18x8inch car wheel(don't really know the manufacturer) and a 240wide tire.

What I have done so far and some plans (probably can't mention everything so all the updates will have the necessary information in the future)
-since it had no rear suspension I ordered a necessary frame to connect the shock and the swingarm and the frame all together, this needs to be finalized but is pretty much sorted out (I might even get away with not welding anything)
-cut the exhaust shorter as mentioned earlier
-just ordered a Mt03 headlight
-custom made new footrests
Still to be done to get it ready for this summer
-paint the tank and the fairings
-fit the headlight
-make new seats (yes, two seats) and make brackets for the footrests for the passenger
-change the oil and get rid of a nasty oil leak which is caused by a leaky head gasket
-service the front shocks
-get all the electrical stuff sorted out right, hide all the cables and make new connections
-probably a new speedo, but still thinking, don't really want to spend a lot of money all in one time for the koso

For now, it's all, and I'll keep you posted if there's anything new

Best regards
Kevin from Estonia

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I miss my 94 yzf750 so much. Handled great felt great and hauled ass
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