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Hey fellas just finished my conversion/makeover on my new bike
Have only had it a couple months and it is my first road bike but i just couldnt stand having fairings on it. So a bit of time and money later here is the result

How it started, few days after i bought it (also had luggage rack on the back)

And how it sits as of last night

Koso rx1n Gauge

Mods/work done

Powder coat frame + swing arm + triple and random bits satin black
Paint tank and plastics white
Chopped side fairings
chopped front fender, bolted to the rear so it doesnt fall forward
Koso RX1N Gauge on custom mounts
Solo seat cowl
Chopped rear undertail, cbr tail light and fender eliminator bracket with mini indicators
Rim stripes
progrip carbon tank pad and black bar grips
Koso mirrors (knock offs)
New bearings
7" headlight painted black. Brackets powder coated black
New OEM brake pads front
Carbs cleaned (jet kit not installed as it already had one)
engine ice coolant
front stock indicators mounted on custom brackers on radiator upper mounts just temporarily (possibly permanent)
Horn relocated to under radiator
New throttle cables
Wiring looms shortened/lengthened where needed

Thats about all i can think of
Pretty happy with it. Just went for a 2 hour ride and runs well
Fuel warning light not working on the gauge (always on) so might have to play with that a bit
Also mirrors are almost useless, arms in the way
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