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Forearm of Steel
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$2800 - 97 ZX-7R in Kansas

Yes, she's up for sale. Build thread and pictures can be accessed via my sig.

Full list of mods:

- Stubby exhaust & carbs jetted to match
- +4 degree ignition advancer
- ZX10R throttle tube
- has the Kawi Kleen Air mod completed
- dual dominator lights with 5000k HIDs (brand new and extremely bright)
- LED front turn signals
- custom flyscreen
- Trailtech Vapor speedo/tach/odo
- new grips and controls
- billet bar end mirrors
- new ProTek rearsets
- rear hugger and chain guard
- custom fiberglass tail with an LED R6 integrated tail light
- swingarm license plate relocater

Cosmetically - 7/10
Mechanically - 9/10

Located in Wichita, KS. PM me with questions. Asking $3000 or best offer. I will not arrange shipping.


Forearm of Steel
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Got offered 3 separate trades today:

1. 2006 Mitsu Eclipse GT V6 (134K on the clock) with a leaking slave cylinder and a salvage title (guy is apparently "still looking around" if that means anything, i'd have to add cash on my end to make the deal worth it)
2. 1996 Jeep Wrangler, needs a headlight support???
3. A bunch of guitar equipment, including a Krankenstein head amp, krankenstein cabinet (both are dimebag darrell editions), a schecter diamond series Omen 6, and a Ibanez Iceman ICX220

your thoughts?
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