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So I had to break down the Naked Busa due to a broken frame.

I kept the engine together and selling as a kit with the airbox,harness,oil cooler $1200.00

2 Swingarms one has a couple holes drilled in the brace part where I mounted a plate holder and has a shark fin. THe other has a dent on the inside from something getting caught in the wheel and coming around,would need bearings. $30.00 each

rear wheel with performance cush and good sprocket, not pretty but paintable $50.00

Steel Subframe $50.00

Tail plastic $50.00

Hump $40.00

6 pot calipers $30.00

forks with bent lowers but good bottom clamp $20.00

200/55-17 and 130/80-17 Michelin Commander2 tires with 60 miles on them.

2 5 3/4 headlights with 54mm clamps $50.00 for the pair.

rear shock with the lever and raising links $50.00

I have a video of the bike running before I took it apart on Saturday, I can take detailed pics of any of the parts. All prices are just for the parts, buyer pays actual shipping costs.


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My computers acting all fucked up and I cant PM you. Please PM me Id like to know more about this performance cush drive and sprocket as well as the dual headlights, the random rearset and fuck it possibly the tires depending on the price. Thanks for your time.

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What are the two tube brace looking things by the rear inner fender?

Later, Doug
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