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I'm selling the R1 setup. I was gonna use it but decided I like the R6 setup I've got better, so this one is for sale.

Includes everything but the pivot bolt, the pivot washer and nut, and the pivot sleeve end caps, and wheel spacers.

I need to reorder some small hardware for the plastics, bolts and such, but would do so for whomever buys it.

Would like to get $150.00 out of it.

I also have it listed on ebay, but figured you guys get dibs.

Here's a few pics...

This setup does have some scratches and shit, but for a fighter or just a stunt bike or something itw ould be great. Low miles, perfectly straight, and ready to rock.

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Taken from

R1 swingarm into GSX-R
by Lee Workman

ok here goes... ( i hope you appreciate this you bastards ! )

First thing is , to get the swingarm physically into the GSXR frame . NOTE ! - the R1 swingarm does not fit perfectly centrally in the R1 frame - it has an offset .

bolt the whole wheel , cush drive , caliper assy into the arm , and mark the centre position of the wheel - onto the swingarm pivot at the front .
you'll notice that it is offset - measure the width of your stock GSXR donor swingarm ( yes- you'll need one !) - transfer this measurement to your R1 swingarm , and chop off the excess ( from memory you'll end up removing about 35mm from one side and 25 from the other .

Now that you've chopped this material off , you no longer have a 'land' to accept the pivot bearings - this is handy because you can now 'bore' the virgin pivot tube out to accept stock GSXR bearings , and use your existing GSXR swingarm pivot spindle .

Now you should have the R1 swingarm in the GSXR frame .
You need to find the position of the linkage point , in relation to the pivot.

then you need to transfer these dimensions onto the r1 swingarm . once the pivot spot is marked each side - drill a hole - it should be in the 'box' section part of the r1 arm that surround the shock .

Cut out the 'horse shoe' shaped linkage mounting from the GSXR swingarm , dont take too much off the sides - you need to cut it as close to the 'spars' of the gsxr swingarm as possible - right through the weld .

there are a couple of flat plates welded to the underside of the swingarm - remove these and slide the GSXR linkage mounting into the space

Thread a long bolt ( i used a piece of M8 all-thread ) through the two holes you made in the R1 swingarm . the bolt should go through the GSXR 'horseshoe' . the bolt is what jigs the horseshoe linkage mounting into position .I made two 'stepped bushes' that fitted perfectly inside the bearings of the horseshoe - then i tapped them out to suit the all thread .

So can now thread the 'bolt' through an M8 nut >then through the 8mm hole in the swingarm bracing > M8 nut > stepped bush > linkage pivot < stepped bush< M8 nut < hole in the other side of the swingarm bracing < M8 nut .

see diagram below

now you can secure the 'all thread' bolt in position using the m8 locking nuts , either side of the 8mm holes that you carefully positioned and drilled into the R1 swingarm bracing . you can adjust the linkage mounting untill it is perfectly central and in line with the make that you made on the centre of the Pivot tube .

You will probably need to remove the 'horseshoe' and file a bit from the sides then re fit - several times - in order to get it a nice close fit , and positioned centrally .

Once in position - you just need to weld it up

the next job is to extend the oval hole in the top of the bracing forwards toward the pivot tube .

the reason for this is , the shock sits vertically in an R1 , but in a GSXR , the shock 'leans' forward - if you dont extend the hole in the bracing , the shock will foul it .

the last job is to open out one of the 8mm holes you made in the bracing - upto 18mm - this is so you can fit the bolt that secures the dogbones to the linkage pivot .

So now , if everything's gone to plan - your R1 swingarm is fitted centraly between the frame rails of your GSXR , Your GSXR pivot spindle slips through the frame , through the GSXR pivot bearings and out the other side , without any play

Your GSXR shock slips through the modified hole is the R1 swingarm , and your dog bones secure the linkage pivot to the rocker arm without any fuss .

if you've done it properly - you havent fucked up the geometry of the suspension , and there isn't any play anywhere .

One last thing -

I told you it was an absolute bastard didn't i ?

which is probably why i've never seen anyone else do this mod

yes it looks trick
yes it's unique
yes the ( extremely light ) R1 6" wheel plops straight in
yes the swingarm is actually lighter and (very much) stiffer than the old GSXR on it replaces
yes , all the original geometry , and linkage ratio's are retained

But would i do it again ?

Would i fuck !

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Holy Crap!!! i will stick to basic metal fab. Killer look on the bike though. I am really into the new R1 arm, but my likes are overshadowed by my ability... Thank you though, that is a great thread to have laying around...

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As far as the technicality of the work goes that was the hard way to do it too... ;)

We drop these bastards on old KZ's all the time and they aren't half the migraine.

Simple solution? Shave the pivot of the arm, mate in some needle bearings, bolt it up.

Bolt up a Ducati 750ss rear shock, voila. Done. As long as the shock angle is right it should be set to ride. :)

FWIW: I'm gonna just run a Duc shock on the custom I'm building with the R6 arm too. Less hassle, less moving parts. Well, that and I can get an Ohlins or Penske shock for $200-$300.00 new. :D

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it's becoming quite clear; i'll follow your guidance, you'll be my mentor...

i thought i'd sell my spare -99 R1 swingarm, but i'll keep it for my next gsxr project.

you happen to have any blueprints for swingarm modifications?
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