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Hey Guys,

While doing the build on my FZ09 I was asked to post up my Grom build. I will back date it a bit but I still have a long way to go on this beast! I just picked up a Grom for my girlfriend to ride around with me and I am pretty pumped about it. So pumped I ended up buying one the next day. I have always been a fan of building minis and want to have a lot of fun with this one. I am not going for the fastest or the flashiest Grom but I want to build a nice, clean, performance Grom to get around LA.

It should come together over the next few weeks here and I will be updating as most the parts go on. I have most of the parts for the build already except for some things that I need to pick up from the guys at Steady Garage this week!

Here is a little overview of the build!

Controls - Motion Pro Revolver Throttle, Billet Switch Controls, RSC Billet Shortie clutch

Clamps/Bars - Vortex V3 MX Bend bars, GPR V4 Steering Stabilizer, GPR 1 1/8 Oversized Bar Mounts

Front Brakes - Brembo Monoblock billet caliper, G-Craft caliper bracket, Magura 195 Radial 13mm, Magura Remote resi, EBC V Rotor, EBC Pads, HEL Brake Lines

Rear Brake - Full throttle Inc Master Adapter, HEL Brake Line, Brembo 34m Caliper, EBC V Rotor, EBC Pads

Hand Brake - Magura 195 Radial 13mm, HEL Line,Full throttle inc Adapter, Brembo 34m Caliper, EBC Pads

Suspension - MNNTHBX Forks and Tripple clamps, MNNTHBX Shock

Drive - Vortex Rear Sprocket, JT Front, DID ER420 Gold Chain, Ti Sprocket Bolts

Tires Wheels - Bridgestone Bt-601ss Tires, Ariete Aluminum Valve Stems, Takegawa Aluminum spaces,Takegawa Hollow Axles

Body - TDM Halo Headlight, MNNTHBX Under tail, TYGA Carbon Sprocket cover, TYGA Carbon Side Cover, Takegawa Carbon Tank cover, Saddlemen Seat, MNNTHBX Faux Frame, ESD Axle Slider, ESD Footpegs

Engine - Chimera Intake, K&N Filter, Akropovic GP Full System, Bazzaz Fi Controller, Bazzaz Quick shifter, Zeta Magnet drain plug, MNNTHBX Cam Covers

At 93 miles I figured it was time to start tinkering a little bit.

Clean stock and Fresh at 93 miles

First few parts started to roll in.

Some little mods first. Magnetic safety wired drain bolt

Modified the horn mount to tuck it up nicely under the triple.


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MNNTHBX, I remember that name from supermoto junkie. He would post up pics of his ruckus builds and every time I'd go running to craigslist to see if there were any in my area. Last I remember of him on there the Sachs Madass was just coming out and he was getting into them.

I'm going to have to go check his website and see what he's been up to. Always put out quality stuff...

Subscribed for action though!
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