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A guy I'm chill with down the road from me bought a 1999 R1, wrecked to hell of course but it fired right up. Now then, when he bought it the front brakes were empty, clutch wasn't even connected to the clipons because it's an incorrect part; doesn't fit on the bars. It had a lot of little things that anyone here could fix up in no time, but this guy doesn't know the first thing about working on a bike.

He wanted to get it fixed up into a decent running fared bike, he consulted his riding club leader and was suggested a guy in Greenville. The guy seemed reputable, had a very nice shop with a good collection of custom bikes he'd built himself.

$2,000 and 3 months later he got the bike back. The fairings are shoddily put together with mismatching fasteners, just flat black. A couple pieces have broke tabs, they look and feel like cheap Chinese ***********.

Here's where things go from bad to worse. For one, the fucking clutch takes a strongman to disengage, the guy made a cable too short "work." For two, while riding through town about 55 mph, he said he used the fronts a little and then boom the front brakes locked up out of nowhere. After just riding a quarter mile down the road and barely using the fronts they locked up again. I'm thinking the "mechanic" used an incompatible brake lever.

This could've killed him, he's a big guy, 400ish lbs; that's probably what kept him from going over the bars. What if an 18 wheeler had been behind him? Like an idiot he wasn't wearing a helmet either. He's going to be consulting a lawyer tomorrow, I haven't a clue on any laws but surely it's illegal to give a guy a bike like that. The mechanic didn't even ride it down the road in all the 3 months of fixing on it apparently, because if he had then the front break issue would've been obvious.

What would you do? :CK187:
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