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Advice on bike selection

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Hello everyone!

So I am new here. I've been wanting to build a bike for a while and flip flopping between a few different styles I enjoy. I haven't built a bike before and I am new to riding. Initially I was interested in cafe racers but I settled on a street fighter.

Some things I am looking for in a bike. Moderately small CC ad I'm a newer rider. Easy to work on and cheap. I want to tear the bike apart and focus on performance and intimidation. This will be a learning experience so I'd want to start with something cheap, older and that can be tuned for more power. That's part of the fun.

Any suggestions?
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might be good to find something cheaper and reliable and learn to ride before trying to build a bike while learning to wrench while also learning to ride.. that just seems like a bad idea.. and a good way to get hurt.. or lose interest. its also very hard to be intimidating if youre falling over in a parking lot.. or apexing the straight.

as for what bike.. whats small? a 600? you want a twin a 4 a 3? what are you actually capable of to build the bike out.. etc.. hell a lot of people cant agree what a fighter is.... so.. out of your criteria.. a blind fish could hit one with a dart..
I can only speak from my own experience
Ninja 650s have loads of potential, reliable and relatively cheap depending on your definition
Recommend doing a third gen 2012 onwards as the rear subframe on earlier models is a bit shit. Apart from that…
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