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Fuck it, let's do it live
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So I went to this guy's house to buy ONE part off a Craigslist ad. Then I saw another thing I was interested in, and then another... long story short, I walked out of there with literally everything he had.
Gen 1 & 2, OEM & performance stuff.

Pics can be seen here:

There are ~75 pics of Busa parts, I'm not linking all that shit :fu:

General list based off the pics I took today:

- Complete Gen 1 turbo engine. Looks to be an RCC turbo/header/dump pipes, spaced base gasket, heavy duty valves/springs, billet low-pro oil pan.
- RCC Ultra plenum (Gen 1) WITH heat exchanger. Has 1000cc injectors installed.
- A couple normal turbo plenums (Gen 2).
- An assortment of cases, blocks, heads, cranks, cams, throttle bodies, clutch baskets, etc.
- OEM and billet covers.
- Air shifter kit.
- Stretched swingarms (full with underbrace, stock with bolt-ons, etc.)
- Fairings, both generations... sides, fronts, tails, humps.
- Frames and subframes.
- B-King tail and cowl seat, subframe, passenger pegs, swingarm, rear hugger, and front fender.
- Black powdercoated rearsets (Gen 2).
- Black powdercoated wheels (Gen 2).
- Black powdercoated passenger pegs (Gen 1).
- Black powdercoated fuel cap (Gen 1).
- Holley fuel pump (haven't checked the model, but PO claimed it was good to 900hp).
- JE 1397 pistons. They appear to be used, but not much (I'd run em, and I'm pretty picky).
- Billet slave brace (Gen 1), the plate kind that covers the sprocket too.
- Billet fuel rail (Gen 1).
- Vortex 39 tooth sprocket (Gen 2), brand new.
- Lowering links AND adjustable links, multiple sets.
- EBC Double-H pads (Gen 1 & 2)
- Front brake sets with stainless lines (calipers, stainless lines, and masters) (Gen 1 & 2).
- Rear brake sets with stainless lines, same as above.
- Rotors, front and rear (Gen 1 & 2).
- Peterson 09-0722 inline fuel filter.
- ECU's (Gen 1 & 2).
- Wiring harnesses (Gen 1 & 2).
- Front strap brackets (Gen 2?) with straps.
- TiAL F38.
- Something from NLR Systems that I can't figure out what the hell it is. Billet aluminum housing with wires coming out of it and some relays.
- Ohlins shock (probably keeping this one, unless I get a REALLY good offer on it).
- APE dummy shaft (Gen 1).
- Pirelli Diablo Superbike tires, look like they have a warm up lap on them if that, plenty of laps left on them.
- Gauge clusters (Gen 1 & 2). One of the Gen 2's has some fancy mirrored faceplate with the kanji logo on the gauges.
- Suzuki logo engraved axle blocks.
- Tank plates modified for return-style systems (i.e. you need this if you want a turbo). Not sure what generation, or if there's a difference between the two.
- Radiators and oil coolers.
- Complete triple sets (upper, lower, stem, bearings, stabilizer, top plate w/ bars, bar ends), one powdercoated black and one OEM.
- Hays billet top triple clamp.
- Seats (Gen 1 & 2).

And tons more. If you need something post up or PM me and I'll check.
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