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Picked up a pair of these recently, Alpinestars SMX2. It's their shorty style, meaning it's about 8" tall at the highest point, similar to a hiker style boot.

Overall, I like them. The fit and finish is very good as you would expect from a premium brand (and price) of Alpinestars. The leather is smooth and thick, the interior is nicely padded, and the buckle feels sturdy with a satisfying snap when it closes. The big cutout at the achilles and shin makes pivoting your foot up/down for shifting easy while still giving a lot of side-side support. The toe easily slips under the shifter, has a panel to prevent wear, and have very good "feel" when shifting. They're not clumsy and overly stiff like a lot of MC boots.

You can feel there are shaped plates around the ankle, and with the buckle fastened, they're definitely not going to go flying off. A side zipper makes putting them on fast, and the zipper pull is velcro, so when you close the flap over it, the zipper gets velcro'd in place. The heel area is reinforced with hard plastic, and they do have replaceable toe sliders, though if you're getting that far over I suspect you'd want the full track boot. More for styling IMO. They don't flex hardly at all when standing on the pegs, so you can tell the shank is there. Definitely a step above typical work or combat boots for protection.

Alpinestars says they are designed to fit with their knee/shin guards. Can't say for that, though I'd consider the height to be about right to fit most without overlapping into the boot, so if you like to rock those, shouldn't have any problems.

Comfort, they're pretty good. I wouldn't want to go hiking all day in them, but for walking around off the bike, no problem. The only little annoyance is when walking, where the leather flexes over your toes folds inward and digs into your metatarsals a bit, though it's getting better as they break in.

Sizing- most reviews said they run big to the posted size chart. I normally wear a 8.5-9 in boots, which by their chart would have been a size 43. I got a 42 (listed as for US 8), which fits perfect. So if in doubt, I'd order the size down.

Styling is fairly conservative without any boy racer graphics or big logos, and they look good under jeans. They're on the pricier end of this style, but I think they're worth it.
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