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Alright bandit guys, how much is this thing worth?

I asked him how it was wrecked and what all was wrong with it:

Yeap the guy I bought it from dropped it,It has 33k miles on it its a 1200cc it need brake and clutch perch it needs a tank,foot pegs,new battery and key made she ready to go it ran very well before the guy dropped it no smoke or nun

And I asked how long it'd been sitting:

He had it in a garage for six months and I went threw everything to make sure everything was good and no parts was scheezed up and it needs a left side motor cover the other one got cracked pretty bad so he drained all the fluid.

So its been sitting at least 6 months with no oil in it....

Is it worth trying to fix even? I live in mississippi mind you, shit starts to rust while you look at it...

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I refuse to buy anything that I can't flip a switch to hear the motor crank. Mainly just to eliminate the possibility of a locked up motor or thrown rod or valve. Just to be on the safe side.

So throw some oil in it and see if she cranks. Then offer 1200 and go about your merry way. If it cranks and if he takes 12. But I think it'd be worth it for sure. Even if he stayed at 1500.

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Amen, don't buy if you can't turn it on.

I'm a pro Craigslist buyer and seller. Literally.

If it don't start. Don't pay.

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So it needs the tank repaired, lever perches, pegs, battery, motor cover and there's no keys. He thinks it'll be back on the road for $300? Just the engine cover probably costs that. Bikes like this you can be almost guaranteed you'll find more gremlins and problems once you get into them also.

I wouldn't go a penny over a thousand for it. Non-running bikes are taking a big risk.
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