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hey guys, me again !!!
im currently wishing id just shut up and not offered to help a local lad with this.......but i i am

id like to pretend hes got a cg125, but i cant - its a ****** thing, a superbyke sbs125

anyhow, it was stolen by local chavs and hes got it back in a proper state, among other things they have chopped off the entire wiring loom

all we're trying to do is wire it up enough to see if it still runs and charges etc as £ is a bit tight for him to waste any on a dead engine, not looking hopeful considering what they did to the bike but got nowt to lose,

iv managed to figure out the 4 wires from the cdi, the mags pretty straight forward, its just 1 wire on the reg/rec im not sure about,

its a 5 wire unit, its the black wire im struggling with, can someone with leccy know how cast your eye over this pic and tell me where its sposed to go.... please

seem the black goes to pos +, but whats the K1 in the diagram ????? is it the ign switch ??? and the K2 item ????

any help would be ace

cheers all
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