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What's up guys?

just saying hello.. new to this forum.
hope to get a lot of info here on customizing my bike to a somewhat
worthy streetfighter.

I'll start out by saying that i'm a pretty new rider.
but since my interest in bikes started, i've always had a liking
to naked bikes. so in my search for my first bike, i was looking for a used SV650. but they were hard to find (in my price range, and area ).
ultimately, i ended up with '99 Kawi ZX-7R. didn't really want a sport bike but, it came as a pretty 'good deal' that I didn't want to pass up.
Now i'm here, and been thinking a lot lately about turning my bike
into a streetfighter.

anyway, like i said, hope to get tons of info from you guys as i
build it. especially from anyone that's already went down this road with a similar bike.


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enrico vespa said:
Welcome, I don't have a 95 ZX-10

ummmmm....ok. :confused: :nuts:

anyway, welcome to the site jalaan. glad you found us. we're always happy to help and love to throw our opinions and ideas out for people and their bikes.

feel free to post up some pics to 'show us what your workin with'

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