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The rant hut (...err, discussion place thingy)

Today's paper

Next to the pile of project's current state of bits

So the heck is this guy up to, one might ask.
Lets try and find a clear answer..

So there's this fun thing called Arduino (stealing the definition off of Google)..
Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer.
It's an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board,
and a development environment for writing software for the board.
So we have a development board onto which we can add sensors and then write up code
for the computer to take in data (both digital or analog) and do stuff to it.

Now.. I haven't been dealing with this thing for almost half a year now thanks to school and,
bah.... anyone can find excuses! Let's talk about promises instead:
Have it finished and on the bike before the end off the build-off.

As of this moment, I have the speedometer, fuel gauge, odo, trip, clock and
light sensors working. I think I'll drop the gear indicator since it's a bit annoying to implement.
I'll just have a neutral indicator instead. Here's one of the latest pics of it from my build thread

Steps left to finish:
* Remind myself what the heck's goin on with the wiring and code
* Figure out how to use different sized fonts (don't even get me started that this sounds easy :doh:
... I might just be dumb)
* Get the bluetooth update working (so I could load new code on it with my laptop
by just having the laptop next to the bike)
* Tweak some stuff on the tach setup
* Install the buttons and "write" them up (I'll be using the word write a lot, meaning usually
to code..).
* Draw up the wiring circuit
* Print, etch and solder the circuit board (going to try making it from scratch)
* Design a 3D model for the gauge case (my cousin MADE his own 3D printer, so we'll use that
to make the cover) <- this for me is the hardest step, cos i'm a complete rookie in 3D drawing
but I'd like to make it on my own. There's just so many corners and details to consider.
* Sort out a wiring/plug and bracket (all end-product mounting issues basically)
* Work out the bugs (there will be plenty, I promise)

Some more random videos/pics


the buggy tach

Also, since this is my first build-off thread of any kind. I didn't know whether to paste the
progress from the start or not. If anyone's interested, it's all buried somewhere in my build thread.

...Wish me luck (?)

Legit goon
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Got my 2 buttons with the angel eye leds

One of those will function as a neutral gear light and the other as the oil-warning indicator.
High beam and turn signals will be displayed as on-screen symbols... which reminds me, I need
to write those up.

Also started working on the front cover for the unit

And ordered myself a new board because the current one is a bit low on pins..
Current bottom, new one top

(Was using the UNO board) Once the MEGA arrives, I can start assembling the prototype.
So still have to figure out the tach kinks and would like to have the bluetooth working by the
time the board arrives. Thinking of implementing a drive-timer as well, which would not count
stops (say if the bike has stood still longer than 10 seconds or the likes).

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So... The MEGA arrived. M u c h bigger than my current Arduino board!
Hopefully will move everything over to their new home tomorrow and let's pray stuff still works.
My cousin printed some first rough sketches but I made the model a bit too big:

First try:

Tomorrow going to print the modified cover 2.0

(Literally twice less material than the first model)

Think I have to reinforce the final model, so looking into either some resin or heating options.
Anyone has any experience with strengthening the structure of your 3D printed objects?
Plastidip would also be an option, I guess.

The buttons that arrived were broken so I had to order new ones.. *sigh*

On the code front:
Clock works but the bluetooth upload is still an issue.

..I know these updates seem empty at this phase but once the prototype is ready i can get more visual stuff for you.
(If anyone cares, I can post the code up as well)

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Also, since this still ought to obey the overall build-off rules, I guess I need to keep an eye on the doubloons spent..

Arduino Mega - 13.40$
display - 17.95$
2 OD LED ring buttons - 3.12$
clock module - 2.10$
Arduino starter kit - 20.99$

So far in - 57.47$

Legit goon
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Legit goon
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So the second model fits much more snug and looks more sleek as well.
Just happens that I accidentally made a small mistake and the screen fits in great... just upside down :doh:

Also forgot to add an edge for the seal to sit on and one for the window on the front pane..
Hopefully 3.0 will be the charm!
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