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Keep everything from each carb together in the relevant float bowl to avoid losing parts or swapping jets (sometimes inner and outer cylinders are jetted slightly differently)

You can use the float bowls as containers to soak the jets, float needle, etc. Mark the bowls and bodies with a marker so you can keep them separated.

Be gentle with the brass parts - gunsmithing screwdriver set is nice for this because the blades are not tapered and won't cam out of jets as easily as a regular old paint can opener.

Find exploded diagram early, often there's stuff in carbs that may not at first look like it comes out at all, or doesn't come out in an obvious fashion - sometimes there's a brass 'carrier' under or over the actual jet, for example. Make sure you grab carb cleaner with the red tube and spray through any and all passages you find or suspect. When you look through a clean jet at a light source, you should see a clean pinhole - if it doesn't look round, there's crap still in there. Small jets clogged with gummy or hardened crap can be poked out with something either softer than brass like a plastic bristle clipped off a broom, or with a piece of wire or etc and some care, though if your bike was running when pulled it's unlikely there's cemented in crap.

What else... inspect your float needle and seat for wear and detritus

You may also want to note down what your jetting is, what position needle clips or etc are in because concrete data is invaluable when working with motors and stuff, especially when you don't have to do a bunch of extra work to get it.
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