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Enter here for the April 2019 FOTM, get your ride in the FOTM pile! Pester anyone you see in the members project sections you'd like to see here!

The rules:

- You must have a minimum of 50 posts
- 4-8 good pics of your bike (and tell us which one you want used for judging)
- List of modifications and such
- Must currently own said bike

Past entries allowed providing
1. you did not win
2. you've made measurable upgrades since last time

Non-winners will be rolled over from month to month for up to 3 months throughout the year, to keep things interesting!

Non-entry posts in this thread will be deleted.

Deadline is the 21st before we start voting.

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Another 650

originally came from some dude who ran it into a guard rail, and ripped the front end completely off. bike cost - 250$

Fired up and ran, and was used for parts for years. eventually it ended up just a pile of shit jammed behind some other shit, and I had to deal with it when I was moving.

New forks off some random 650 - installed
Front wheel from 05/06 636, 05/06 axle cut down to proper width for front forks, axle drilled out by machinist to act as axle sleeve spacer, slots over smaller 03/04 636/650 axle. this is how you run later model fronts on 650 for dirt. cost me like 10$ at machinist and 20 minutes of time.
Blue tank from something
Fuel pump completely disassembled and cleaned.
Home made undertail - bedlined
er6n radiator shrouds - modified since 650 has no mounts, bedlined, installed.
er6n bellypan installed. had to make custom mounts and modify it.
gs500 headlight and mounts - flipped, bedlined, bucket bedlined.
different bars from trash pile, custom bent.
all switches custom placed.
tires from random shit.
side panels bedlined. tail bedlined. other side panels bedlined. fender dipped.
gauge mount made from grinder, 2 pieces of aluminum, and bending.
rewired entire front end of harness so it doesn't look like garbage.
frame sliders built from 3 different sets of broken sliders.
seat was originally black and silver, painted rear of seat.
rebuilt calipers with braided lines. they were full of snot.

total cost of build is around 700$. have been using for wheelies and errands for a year now. its for sale. 2k.


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