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Did not know where to post this, had it in the VIP section while it was being completed. enjoy.

Been wanting to do something to the back of my leather vest for some time now and looked into leather painting. here is the write up

First some pics of the vest before i got started:

Then i got together with MikeGyver and he clued me into some artwork I would need here on the site.

I enlarged it up to 14 x 12 inches roughly and printed out a pattern to start with, the mother as far as patterns go.

here is the mother:

then i had to trace it on to some paper in order to make a master and transfer it to the vest.
(before i go any farther it should be noted I was going to do brake lines, fluid tanks and new headlight this weekend, but the heat and previous work week left me drained, so i took on this thing)

here is the traced out master:

I dont have any pics of me putting the chalk on the master for the transfer to the leather- the paper is very thin and i did not want to smudge the design trying to take a pic - plenty of online info on how to do the chalk for the transfer. flip it over apply chalk, then apply to vest.

however here is the pattern in chalk after transfer and before paint

pretty shitty picture, but you can clearly see the chalk transfer

the next step is to simply choose the right brush and paint color you want and paint it out.
I chose a gold acrylic from folk art paints - 14k gold. apply as many coats as you need until you like it. should let it set at least one hour between coats.

I only got one coat on tonight before i had to call it quits, but this will result it longer dray time and i will put second coat on tomorrow and fine line the edges to clean it up.

here it is with the one coat on, already looking fairly pimpin.

depending on how textured the leather is(mine was a light texture) it can be tedious , just take your time and remember better to add too little and cover up on second or following coats than put on too much paint. you can see a couple spots where the texture bled a little on me, but that will clean up with the second and following coats. you can also outline the pattern if you feel the need. I'm not sure if I will go that route yet.

also you will notice the custom fighters wording, i left that off until later, the image was pretty busy and did not want to risk draggin my hands across it trying to get all the details.

added lettering today and finished it up, might do one more coat of paint, but will wait and see ina couple days, lotta of project parts for the bike to do yet.

finished product

thanks for takin a look
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