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This is a Atlanta / StreetFighter Theme Bike Build. This is a bike I built from start to finish by myself. Every nut and bolt came off this bike to rebuild this into a StreetFighter. It was finished in Feb. of 2011. The airbrush paint was done about 5 / 6 months after it was built. I would be willing to repainted the bike if someone wanted to painted one color. But I am only talking bout the parts that have the Airbrush work on them. I am asking $6,900 OR BEST OFFER. Send me a message if you are interested.I have more photo's If you want to see others. Also willing to trade for a car of equal value.

Some of the work that has been done:

Custom Airbrush paint ( Atlanta skyline and CustomFighter Logo )
GSXR inverted forks
Driving lights as High / Low beam ( Replaced the the 55 watt bulbs with 100 watt bulbs )
Using a Garmin as Speed Gauge
Custom RPM gauge with CustomFighter logo ( By Speed Hut )
Custom 7-7 Handle Bars ( By Street Kore )
8" over stock Swing arm
ZX10 Tail section with integrated tail light
Custom Clutch window
Full open Custom Exhaust
Holeshot K&N Stage 2 jet kit with K&N Filters
Polished Lip of rims
1/4 turn Pop-up Gas cap
Powder coated Frame and forks ( two stage Heavy Metallic with a Candy blue overlay By Professional Cryogenic metallurgy & Coating )
Relocated Ignition
Bar end mirrors
Relocated front turn signals
LED's all over the bike as well as LED in tail section with CustomFighter Logo
And I am sure lots more I have not listed.

When I put this bike in shows it always draws a crowd of people. It wins most shows I have put it in. First place, "Best of Show". I did win Second place once.

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