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Enter here for the August 2014 FOTM

The rules:
-minimum of 50 posts
-must be your bike
-include list of mods.
-include 4-8 pics, and mention which one you'd like used in the voting.
-include the name you want your bike called, or I will just use the year and model(frame).

Deadline is the 20th, voting goes up on the 21st, and lasts until the 1st.

Other posts will be deleted.

Lets see those FIGHTERS!

fighterer still learning
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Wat the hell, I'll throw my blade into the mix again....... will enter next month as well but with a nice upgrade I'm in the middle of ;)

throwing my cbr900rr into the mix :D

1998 Honda cbr900rr. the bike had been stood for 8 years OUTSIDE before I got my hands on it
list of modifications:
all fluids changed deep cleaned along with new battery
vfr750 swingarm
lenso kr5 17"x7" rear wheel with a 200-55/17 pirelli diablo rosso tyre
97 cbr900 rear bodywork (prefer the dual cut outs, kept the standard bodywork as the g/f found the seat very comfy lol
modified the rear light as the standard unit was UGGGGGGLLLLLLY!
laser deep tone exhaust tip fitted to 4-1 yoshimura stainless downpipes
cbr600rr front mudguard with DIY custom brackets to make it fit
DIY custom bars mounted on apico risers (1 1/8" bars reduced to 7/8" at the end)
brushed finish on the main frame (was polished)
polisport enduro headlight with a custom fitted bi xenon HID projector with blue angel eye (what a BASTARD of a job that was!)
standard clocks cut up so I could fit the speedo just behind the enduro headlight
blue hel braided rear brake line
graphite grey wheels with house of kolor blue pearl powder over the top
house of kolor pearlescent blue bodywork with the blue pearl powder over the top again

now onto the pictures, the only bit youll probabaly look at ;)

use this photo for the voting pic pleeeease


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Hurricane Racing H-18 (thanks Dad, and thanks Brad Stokes from Ohlins USA)

So parts are as listed (and when I say custom I mean made with my own two hands "custom")

Motor- a 944 Hi-comp Vee-Two pistons at 11.5:1
Vee-Two hot cams. with TI valves
Light weight clutch basket (W/cut back case)
FCR 41mm's with K&N pod filters (175 main)
ECU or brain. is a adjustable and programmable model from Kazakhstan
Slight port matching and smoothing on intake manifolds
All electronics are connected by custom harness (weight is apx. 2-3 oz)
Drive train-
520 EX red chain, 998 Modded SSSA with custom tublar sharks fin &chain gaurd. With 14 /36 gearing.

Exhaust - is custom step up system into Devil red carbon race cans.

Suspension - Is Ohlins R/T front and rear with a rear remote adjuster for on the fly adjustments.

Rims are 848 Y-spoke Forged rear and stock front (the rear is what will improve your acceleration better) I had to do a secret Mod to the frontend to accept the 848 brake rotors.

Brakes - are Brembo gold line all around.

Controls - Are Brembo GP radial Billet clutch M/C and Brembo radial brake M/C with folding levers. reservoirs are mounted with only small ones GP style.

Triples - Are custom made just for the Ohlins forks. (triple bolt bottom and signal bolt top).

Tank - is a 998 fitted for a petcock with a straight gravity feed system to the carbs.

Tail & seat - are one pice custom all metal (apx 3lbs)

If you look carefully there are tail lights in between the exhaust and the bike is registered and does pass inspection.

The foot rest are stock 998 as well as the rear brake and there is a DP race shifter on it.
Shifting is also easier for the wheelies.

there is a Mad Duck clutch spring retainer. (red)
A gold oil fil cap (stm)
And all belt covers and mounting hardware were removed for the raw look.
There is two mounts for the rear shock to increase the adjustable of the ride highth.
The head tube has a 998 eccentric for ability to change the head tube angle.
Also it has a key less ingiton.

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