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Include 4-8 pics. Decent lighting and resolution.
List the mods and any info about the bike.
Note the pic you would like to be used for voting.
Include a name for the bike, if you want.

It must be your bike, and you must have at least 50 posts.

Voting goes up on the 21st, or as close as I can get to the 21st.

All non entry posts, and posts that do not meet the requirements will be deleted.

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C'mon....I can't be the only fucker on here with a finished bike that hasn't won FOTM, post them up peeps

long time since I finished a bike , but, I think, about 7yr after starting this one its now finished, running and insured , has survived an IOM TT trip and still starts every time

I started with this

and after much to do , ended up with this

this pic for vote

build thread is here

Spec sheet

ZXR750 front wheel and discs
modified ZXR spindle
Tockiko radial calipers
caliper spacers by me
K5 GSXR forks
pattern gsxr mudguard
yokes by me
headlight mounts by me
B12 headlight - powdercoated
B6 clocks retro fitted with Koso speedo
riser block by me
magura fatbars
renthal grips
bar ends by me
ducati radial master cylinders
sprint steering damper, owner made mounts
modified GSX1100ET tank with R1 filler neck
modified GSX1100EFE frame
gsxr side stand
Setrab 19 row oil cooler
nylon / aluminium lockstops by me
goodridge oil lines
1216 bandit / GSXR motor
engine mounts by me
billet pick up cover (a lot like Steve's :LolLolLolLol: )
modified clutch and pick up cover
aluminium breather tank
B12 carbs
aluminium airbox
foot controls from.....? can't remember
footpegs by me
GSXR 1000 shock
adjustable dogbones by owner
K5 GSXR swingarm , modified by owner
SRAD rear wheel
suzuki tail light
GSX tail plastic
seat by me
paint - black, by me
pinstripe by Lawrence Laidlaw
ally undertrays by me
wiring loom by English Neil
green dyna coils
B12 headers
link pipe by me
end can by me
suzuki rear caliper
stainless torque arm by me
number plate mount by me
ally clutch slave cylinder mount by me
one off tank sticker

and possibly oddles n doodles of other stuff

stuff not by me (just for clarity)

tank art by Viz
top end rebuild

i'll try get a new voting pic on time

i cant fart
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i wont let u run alone yantosh. keepin the fight alive

you've seen this bike, you've lived it along with me. hands down best motorcycle ever made, if you dont think so then fuck you!!!!

-other stuff

performance mods:
-zip ties
- and other stuff

i like pics, so here's some pics:

- IMG_0274 by DrJellyFingers, on Flickr

- IMG_0279 by DrJellyFingers, on Flickr

- IMG_0266 by DrJellyFingers, on Flickr

- IMG_0283 by DrJellyFingers, on Flickr

- fuck you mean chicken strip

IMG_0276 by DrJellyFingers, on Flickr

sometimes looks like this

00371_TPM by DrJellyFingers, on Flickr

- or like that

03127_White and ART by DrJellyFingers, on Flickr

Longtime rider
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So this is my 03 Suzuki Bandit 1200. ( Stock )


GSX-R 750 Front end
DanMoto Rearsets
Bar end mirrors
Hayabusa rear shock
8" Ext sway arm
Keyless Ignition
Exhaust chop
Gauges is a GPS
Custom RPM Gauges ( with the skully inside )
K&N Air Filters
LED turn signals
ZX10 Tail section ( With LED tail light and intergrated section )
Driving Lights With 100 watt bulbs
Clutch window
139Db Air horn
Custom Air brush paint ( Landmarks of Atlanta As well as CustomFighter logo )
Pop top Gas cap flush fit on tank
Frame and Forks Powder coated blue

And I am sure there are things I missed.

This what I came up with.
Use the as the head shoot.

Video......... Click on photo to play video.
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