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I removed the charcoal canister. Routed the hose from the tank (that went to the canister) down to where another hose vents to the ground. The second hose goes to a valve, with two wires and then to the throttle bodies. I removed the hose from the canister to the valve and capped the inlet at the valve. I'm not sure what to do with the hose that goes to the (throttle bodies from the valve ? And I'm not sure what to do about the two wire valve,trick the ecm somehow. Here, , is a picture of the valve before I removed (the lower hose in the picture) from the canister. Sorry i havent figured out how to do the photo preferences here yet, blaming it on i only have iphone....and im kinda lazy sometimes....but i did try a couple buttons first.

Edit: I learned what it is, the canister purge valve. Item number 25 here,

Here,, they talk about it in some detail but not about what to do about the valve. It has two wires so i'm not sure I can just leave it unplugged yet, they do not sell the solution to my question in the kit so...Capping the ports at the throttle bodies is easy and above it it the hose I have not removed yet. As stated, I re-routed the vent line though differently then Holeshot says but the same in function.

Here is a picture of a guy who capped both ends of said purge valve, , if you do this why not unplug it ?
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