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So since i got my bandit i have been thinking about putting a 6" busa or tl wheel on it to sqeeze a 200mm tire in there (sue me lol thats why i have another bike) and since i just picked up some usd's i figured why not

it looks pretty straight forward just bearing swap to accept the 20mm axle and then use the bandit disc hub and spacers.

now i have also been thinking about some bolt on extensions and to buy them for a bandit is like 500 thanks, this thing is just a toy to throw around and i want to put as little money in it as possible so when i toss it down the road its no big deal...

but i have seen some gsxr extensions on ebay for as little as 100 bucks... now that is more like it ...

my question is does anybody know how close the older gsxr 600 and 750 adjuster blocks are to the bandit... as far as i know they all use 20mm axles and the wheels are even the same part number...

i would love to pick some of these up for super cheap and reversible sideways hoonage
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