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:confused:i herd i can change parts of my bandit 600 2002 for parts off a gixer is this true? if so what parts what gixer year and cc? and will they add performance the bike already has a end can k&n ignition advancer :confused:
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Go to MAXIMUM SUZUKI's web site. Some guy will know more. But you can swap alot of stuff with a GXSR. I think.

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alll ive ever heard of switching is the wheels for an older gixxer. the bike is very interchangable with an rf 600

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Never heard about the 600, I only know for taking parts from the 1100 Gixxer to power up the
Bandit 1200 motor or use the cylinder and pistons from the 1200 to get more displacement on the Gixxer.
I only know that you can go for forks and swingarms but you have to customize it anyway
to fit in the Bandit frame. It's not a plug 'n play job as far as I know and saw.

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This is from another board and maybe should be a sticky somewhere hehe

all 92-93 600, 88-95 750 and 89-98 1100 use the same bearings so the triples are a bolt on but the 92-93 600 and 93< 750 and 1100 have different steering stops so you have to work with that.
Late model forks work using the steering stem out of your triples and making a sleave for the late upper triple.

all swingarms from 92-93 600's, 88-93 750's and 89-93 1100 have the same bearing size so are a direct swap. the 94-95 750 and 94-98 1100 arms work but you need to slip the bearing sleave and spacer out of your swingarm and replace the ones in the later arm.

All wheels interchange but you need the correct carrier.
92-93 600, 88-93 750 and 89-93 1100 are "twisted" spokes in 3.5 front and 5.5 rear but the 88-89 750 has a 4.5 rear.
94-95 750 and 94-98 1100 use the "straight" spoke wheels and these are lighter then the "twisted" spokes

All swap. Air/Oil is Air /Oil be it 600, 750 or 1200 Bandit, 600, 750 or 1100 Katana, or 750 or 1100 GSXR.

Oil coolers:
"curved" (91-92 750/1100) coolers have the mounts in the same spots but the frame's lower mounts stick out from the frame farther on the 91-92 750/1100 but you can cut and space them out on your 88-90 750 and 89-90 1100. You need to get the hoses for the bike the cooler came from or even better swam to Earls UK fittings and braided lines.

all can be swaped but cams are different and tooth count on the cma sprockes is different on the 88-89 750 and 750 Katana heads. Valve sizes are smaller on the 750 (except the 88-89 750) and there may be other differences.

All swap but there are some differences in the rear subframe for the 91-92 750/1100 and the 1100 frame is 7lbs heaver then the 750.

All 92-93 600, 88-95 750 and 89-98 1100 shocks swap but the spring rates differ and the hose length varies.

All lowers are the same from 88-92 750 and 89-92 1100
All the tanks from 88-92 750 and 89-92 1100 swap but te 1100 has a fuel level sender in the bottom rear so is slightly smaller in cap.
Mids from all 88-92 750 interchange
Mids from all 88-92 1100's interchange
Uppers from all 88-92 750 interchange but you need to use the correct mount 88-90 or 91-92.
Uppers from all 88-92 1100 interchange but you need to use the correct mount 88-90 or 91-92.
Uppers and mids can be swapped from 750 to 1100 but the holes in the mids will not line up and you still need the correct mount 88-90 or 91-92, the bars also have clearance issues.
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