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Try to keep it short... the project is a 2013 GSX1250fa ....aka Bandit. The fully faired version that i have has a slightly different radiator setup im assuming to combat the heat from the added farings. It is offset mounted with a reservior on the opposite side to sit centered in the fairing, unfaired its just plain ugly. I figured i would just swap to the euro spec Radiator from the GSX1250n the one that was not distributed in the US (or basically any water cooled bandit radiator). All the mounting holes/ brackets are the same, however theres a (assuming water temp sensor) bung right on the radiator of the GSX1250fa but the GSF's and GSX1250n do not have one that im aware of. Unless maybe its inline. Anyone familiar with water cooled bandits? if theres an inline temp sensor or one at all. and if there is not Im thinking my solution would be to drill and tap an inline water temp sensor manifold, or even better find one thats the same thread pitch and size of my stock sensor.

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maybe one like this--->
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side note- i tried to mock up centering the stock radiator on the frame but the mounting tabs on the rad line up in such a way that even if i fabricated brackets to center it up it interferes with the ABS sending unit thats just above the radiator
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