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This is not your ordinary ninja 250, thats for sure.

This guy is the owner of Vintage Smoke in northern NJ.

Some of you guys may have seen pictures, video, or the build thread on my 2010 250 Ninja that I swapped a Banshee motor into. It was a bit of a "dream" project that I wanted to do for a long time and I pretty much got it road worthy for the Deals Gap meet last year. I really don't want to sell it, and i know I will take some crap for it, but with my wife in school, me scaling back the shop, and moving it to my house, and some various bills coming up at home I am considering selling it. I know I am supposed to post a price here, but it is not 100% finished so I would appreciate if anyone is seriously interested that they contact me by PM. I would be willing to sell it as is, in running but unfinished condition or finish it to whatever degree the person buying it might be interested in. The price would be dependent on what level of completion they had in mind.

Here is a link to the build thread:

Here is a link to a few quick videos that were shot at the 2013 Deals gap meet:
Vintage Smoke Baby Ninja with Banshee motor - YouTube
Vintage smoke Ninja Banshee - YouTube

Here's some specs on the bike:
It is a 2010 Ninja 250 with 6K miles on it. It was a running bike that had been lightly dropped by the previous owner resulting in cracked plastics on the right side,some rash on the exhaust, and some minor other cosmetic damage. I actually rode the bike around for a while before I started work on it. The damage really was mostly minimal cosmetic damage, but his insurance company totaled it due to the cost of replacement parts/labor adding up and surpassing the percentage threshold of what the bike was worth. When I bought it it had a salvage title. I did a quick fix of the body work, a quick repaint of the exhaust and fixed a few other minor things. Then I brought it to the NJ DMV inspection station. They went over the bike, declared it fixed and roadworthy, and issued me a regular(non salvage) NJ title. Right now it has a clean NJ title in my name. It is registered and insured.

The engine is a stock stroke Banshee 350. the motor had low hours on it, and really only required minor refreshing when I got it, but I went through it completely.
- Cylinders were ported by D&M Racing in Phoenix AZ.
- It has new Wiseco pistons, rings, and small end rod bearings.
- The crank is trued and I replaced the outer bearings.
- All new seals & gaskets throughout.
- The trans has a combination or RZ and Banshee gear ratios. I used the Banshee first gear for for quick off the line acceleration as well as the tighter RZ ratios in the upper gears for better highway performance. The upper gears in the RZ trans have a tighter spacing resulting in less of an RPM drop between shifts allowing you to "stay on the pipe".
- The cases were bead blasted and painted a combination of black and granite texture paint (not wrinkle paint) that has a fine sandpaper texture to it.
- The head is a ModQuad cool head with new domes and all new o-rings and seals.
- The carbs are 28mm PWK's.
- I collected parts for this motor for about 2 years before tearing into it. I took cues from the Banshee crowd and made lots of small mods along the way such as modifying the shift star for quicker shifting, lightening the flywheel, quick drain water pump cover, etc. I have a note book with all the specs and parts I replaced written down. The motor really runs strong and I put a ton of time as well as a fair bit of money into all the little details.
- All the engine mounts are tubular chromemoly and TIG welded. The swap was done right.

I replaced a bunch of other things on the bike as well.
- NEW Michelin Pilot radial tires.
- New chain and sprockets.
- Digital temp gauge.
- New AGM battery.

The exhaust on it now is a custom 2 into 1 that was built by Glyn Laraway (Slinger here on the forum) who is an accomplished 2 stroke tuner and pipe builder. It works fantastic with surprising low end grunt as well as a hard hit at about 6K RPM, but it was made to fit an RZ chassis. Due to the engine being at a slightly different angle and position in the Ninja chassis than an RZ it hangs low on the right side. I never got the chance to configure the pipe and mounts to tuck it up properly. That is something I could do before I sell the bike, but to tell the truth I really don't want to give up the pipe. It is custom made one of a kind pipe that was gifted to me by a friend and something I will most likely never be able to afford to replace in the near future. Most likely I will set the bike up with a new set of DG Toomey replica RZ350 pipes.

This is the one bike I planned to keep forever, and finish off in a retro meets modern style. I had planned on something along the lines of this with a red/white TZish color combo: I hate to sell it, but I have other responsibilities to take care of. If anyone is seriously interested in the bike reach out to me. I can provide you with detailed info and/or pictures of whatever you may have a question about.
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