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Finally got started on project "Banzai Bill".

Progress so far:
-Stripped nekked
-removed clip-ons
-lowered fork tubes (needed more clearance for handlebars)
-drilled triple clamp out for pro-taper clamps (still need shorter mounting bolts)
-stripped paint off of tank

had a little snafu with the center tail plastic, didn't know paint stripper would turn fairing plastic into silly putty- now i need a new piece, or a shit-ton of bondo and sanding

ordered some shit last night of the internet
-koso tach
-thermo-tec exhaust wrap and sealing paint
-no-name bar end mirrors
-highway hawk cyclops headlight

still haven't decided on a speedometer, suggestions? i want it to be digital and backlit...

-on the list for tonight-

-sand tail plastics
-finish sanding tank
-finish mounting pro-taper handlebars
-prime tank and plastics (wishful thinking probably)

enjoy the pics


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now you just have assembly and sourcing parts, looking good, You can trim your bolts easily, bolt up the risers with the nut on the bolt, and cut the overhanging bolt area off, then unwind the nut and it will correct the threads on the bolt that might have gotten alittle messed up when cutting.

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Last night and tonight-

-finished installing handlebars
-finished sanding tank
-primed tank white
-peeled decals off tail plastics (way more work than i thought it would be)
-sanded off decal glue
-scuffed up plastics
-drew up some templates for painting in AutoCADD
-taped up tank for red paint
-painted red on tank

-ordered more parts-
-extended brake line (generic stainless braided)
-extended clutch cable
-re-ordered headlight because of credit card issue

bought two more rattle cans-flat black and yellow- i'm gonna flat black my exhaust can to match the wrapped pipes

i really want a Koso speedometer to match my tach but i can't find a distributor who carries the one i want....

eitherwho, i plan on finishing the paint tomorrow night. for now here's where i stand:


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-well, the paint is done for the tank, just matte clear coat left.
put the first few coats of black on the tail plastics and i flat blacked my exhaust can, and i think it turned out sexual. Got my exhaust wrap in the mail and i'm just about to go out to the garage and try my luck with it.

ordered a koso speedometer today, so now all i have left is turn signals and frame sliders to buy. i aim to have this beast road ready by next thursday.

enjoy the pics:

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